Jekyll And Hyde Essay

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Daniela Schiro
Jekyll and Hyde Essay (#3)
English III- Dr. Abate
October 14, 2014
Presence of Architectural Elements In the Novella, Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, many architectural elements are used to portray underlying symbolism. Although they may seem like ordinary doors, windows, and keys these objects hold much deeper meaning. This use of architectural objects is a strong theme throughout the story. Three specific examples include the two entrances to Dr. Jekyll's home, the door to his cabinet, and Hyde’s key.
The first chapter of the book is entitled “Story of the Door”. First, doors are a method of concealment, and people often use them to keep things hidden. "The street was small and what is called quiet" (Stevenson 2). Jekyll is keeping something quiet as well. His front door is very prestigious and goes along well with his upstanding reputation. On other hand, the door in which Mr. Hyde enters is scratched and stained. This relates to him as a person.
Another strong symbol is the door leading to Dr. Jekyll’s cabinet, or office. Specifically the color of the door, which is red. When thinking of the color red, people often relate it to anger and other negative traits. Dr. Jekyll is repressing many negative thoughts and emotions. "The door was very strong, the lock excellent; the carpenter avowed would have great trouble and have to do much damage, if force were to be used; and the locksmith was near despair" (Stevenson 54). The