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Our company is a shared entrepreneurship business and we have very limited benefits. Although, as the company grows so will benefits, tips, and salaries. We have a business with set business hours and we are in charge of how we choose to rotate those hours. Los Frijoles is a small business and we must make schedules in a fair manner. Employee benefits will play a key role in how we create a healthy and productive work environment. Our Employee of The Month Rewards Program is an example of an extra incentive we will offer to employees that buy into our philosophy. Employee of the month will receive a $40 gift card and a designated parking space. Los Frijoles ensures responsible and respectful treatment because our business is ran within the parameters of our company’s policies as well as our code of ethics. This is a set of rules we all agreed to abide by that are moral, ethical as well as legal. Equal opportunity in the workplace ensures that all people, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, or age will not face discrimination in all employment practices. This includes hiring, promotion, job classification and assignment, compensation, and other conditions of work. This falls under the umbrella of employee rights in our CSR Program.
The supply chain and employee rights play a huge role in the types of products and services Los Frijoles will be offering. Organic food, sustainable service products, and first class service are the hallmark of our company. Los Frijoles will be making burritos that will be individually made for each customer. The ingredients that a customer can choose from will be: White, Wheat, or Glutton Free tortillas with spinach, tomato, or plain flavor. The meats will range from hormone free chicken, grass fed steak and ethically rendered shrimp. The other toppings will include farm fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, organic cheddar cheese, asadero cheese, Monterrey jack cheese, pinto beans, black beans, guacamole, green chile, red chile, and a variety of salsas. We will also have a catering section for customers…