Jenny Folsom Is The Manager Of A Group Of Marketing Specialists

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Test 1
MNGT 4500 Fall 2014
Please note: I know the cases are longer than typical test questions, BUT the answers don’t have to be. These are like the exercises in class. I give you the context of the problem, but the answers are much shorter. Let me know if you have any questions.
1. Jenny Folsom is the manager of a group of marketing specialists. She has good relationships with most of her team except Connie Perez. Jenny is on the verge of letting Connie go. Connie just cannot seem to live up to Jenny’s expectations. Over the past year, Jenny has talked to Connie several times, but Jenny has seen no improvement. Connie believes she is trying to do the things that Jenny asks.

Jenny has presented her problem to the Employee
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Identify the result of the communication (defensiveness, etc.)
Jenny uses controlling and no-care messages when telling Connie what to do without actually saying what she is doing wrong. She uses superiority messages by telling Connie that this is the last time she will have this discussion with her and that she expects the problem to be fixed. This comes across as somewhat threatening. Jenny uses judging messages by criticizing Connie’s work without really looking at the big picture. Pick three statements and tell Jenny how to say them better.
Jenny – “I give you the main thought behind the project. Can’t you understand the big picture? Does everything have to be spelled out?”
Corrected – “I give you the main thought behind the project. You’re doing a great job but maybe it would be better, for time’s sake, if you just focused specifically on that so we can speed up the process of getting these projects completed.
Jenny – “If I wanted others involved, I would have put them on the project. You are getting others to do your work. I want you to carry your own weight.”
Corrected – “Your skills are perfect for the projects that I assign to you. Involving others may negatively affect the quality of the work that I know you are capable of. I have full confidence that you can get the job done.”
Jenny – “We are