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Jenny Pallotti

Ebola is a disease that attacks your immune system. This disease is highly contagious and has affected most of Africa. They have not found a cure yet. However, using infection control, triage, and checking vital signs can help.
Infection control is the action taken to help stop the spread of disease. The basic principle of infection control is hygenie. By the simple action of washing your hands you can help wash away germs, and bacteria. Medical people dealing with ebola need to wear PPE’s. PPE stands for Personal
Protection Equipment. One should wear PPE’s when dealing with any body fluid. PPE’s include: gloves, gowns, and masks. By using PPE’s you can help stop the spreading of Ebola.
Checking vital signs is very important, because you need to know how much the patient needs to see a doctor. You need to remember the RPM’s. The R stands for Respirations, which is their breathing. You just want to make sure they have a normal breathing rate, and it is not to shallow, and not too fast. P is pulse and you want to make sure they have a pulse and it is not faint. M is Mental status. You want to make sure that they are not in shock, or that they do not have any brain damage.
To check their mental status, you can simply just ask them questions about the president, or if they know what happened to them. The RPM’s are a good starting point to tell about the patients conditions. With Ebola, you may want to take the temperature, but in other situations it would not be as important.
Triage is where a nurse (or somebody who is trained) assess the patient's condition and the order in which the patients will be treated. To assess the patient check their vital signs, and see if they have any wounds. There are four categories. To remember the categories think of a stop light. Red is the people that are in need of immediate help. Next, is the yellow category are the ones that can have delayed help. Then, there are the green, or the walking wounded. Lastly, you have your black, and they are your dead. Their begging category does not mean that they can not end up changing categories. For example, one may think that a person is in the ‘green’ category. Then next thing that person is on the floor going into…