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Jess Sanchez
Professor Bolding
English 1101
16 September 2014
Long and Short Term Goals As I grow older I set many goals for myself whether it is long term or short term. I like a challenge in life; I don’t like things so easy. Two of my main goals I have for myself are both lifelong ambitions that I plan to accomplish. You may ask, “So what are those goals you plan to accomplish”? Well one of them is becoming a Physician Assistant which is more of a career goal, and the other one is working out which is more of a physical appearance goal. My approach for achieving these goals that I have set for myself, both the long and short term ones, require much time and dedication. One of the first goals that I have for myself is becoming a Physician Assistant. Like stated previously this is more of a career goal along with academic goal. Becoming a Physician Assistant is more time consuming and requires a lot of dedication to get to it. Along with just dedication comes time managing and a lot of studying. This goal of becoming a P.A. is something I have dreamed ever since I was little and it’s something I want more than anything! In order to accomplish this goal I plan on finishing college and getting a bachelors degree in Biology. After getting my bachelors I plan on going to graduate school and in between those I plan on job shadowing so I can get hands-on experience. It seems like a while for me to accomplish this goal but I’m determined to get there any way possible because it’s something I’ve dreamed since I was little. My short term goal I have set for myself is to work-out to get a good body I feel better in. Yes I know I’m not overweight nor underweight I just want to tone myself up. I consider this being more of a short term goal because I can do this in 6 months or less. A few of the ways I plan to accomplish this goal of mine is to focus on one main area, the area I am not comfortable with. You may wonder “what doesn’t she like about herself? She’s skinny”! Well that may be the case, but I hate my abdomen. I would like for it to be