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Jessica Ortega
Mr. Cole
English 9 April 03, 2014 Parenting The Wrong Way
In the play The Tragedy of Romeo Juliet by William Shakespeare this is shown by the characters. The parents don’t understand that there is a boundary line to teaching a kid the proper way to respect others. Parents that ignore their kids don’t realize that they are causing damage to their child’s development. Parents that abuse their kids don’t understand they are physically and mentally hurting them. This is demonstrated by lord Capulet and lady Capulet by the way they parent to their only daughter Juliet.
Lady Capulet proves that she is in her own world and doesn’t pay attention to Juliet as much as she should. For example in the play Lady Capulet nervously asks for her birthday and questions “She’s not fourteen”(I.iii.10-15). Lady Capulet is neglecting Juliet and she does not realize that this is hurting her own daughter. In the article “Child Abuse & Neglect” Melinda Smith, M.A., and Jeanne Segal, they write that children being neglected are not getting their physical and emotional needs met. Lord Capulet is one that shows a parent that physically abuse and yells to his daughter and not realizing he is ruining his daughter future and present life. For example, after Juliet tells Lord Capulet she is not going to marry Paris, Lord Capulet viscously yells at Juliet “Speak not, reply not, and do not answer me! My fingers itch”(III.v.160-165). In the article “Child Abuse & Neglect” Melinda Smith,