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Health Care Professions
Jessica Henson
Kaplan University

The three professions that I chose are Health care administration, Nutrition Science, health information technology. I know that I can work with people from this profession closely to help me excel in my profession in health and wellness. These professions, including mine, are very important in the health care field.

The Health care administration profession can work as health care managers in different health care environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, wellness centers, or insurance companies. They work closely with medical staff to help direct, plan, or coordinate the delivery of health care. They can mange different facilities and health departments within the hospital. They have to have the necessary skills for: budgeting, planning and organizing different health programs. They can help come up with different health policy. They are the head leaders of the health care field.

The Nutrition Science is a very essential profession in the health care field. They can choose a profession as a nutritional coach, nutrition educator, or dietary manager. They help and guided patients or clients with choosing a health and effective diet for their lifestyle. They can work in hospital, wellness centers, nursing homes or a private practice. They will be helping people choose healthier food and how to maintain their diet. They can work with low incomes families or women who are expecting. The skills that they will need to be effective are people and commutation skills. They can develop meal plans for patients or clients.

The Health Information Technology profession works with the technology side of the health care field. This profession work with different computer software. They can work with different health care profession to deliver patient information or prescription information. They keep electronic information about patients on different software so that the health care provider can retrieve it easily. They need to have the ability to use health care software and databases. Some skills that they need the skills of problem solving, compiling data, and reporting health care information. They also will need to also be able to learn new information as it pertains to the heath IT field. The reason why is because it is a growing field. I can collaborate with people in healthcare administration field in many ways. Some ways would be helping them in assisting coming up with different ways to implement new policies as it pertains to health and wellness. I can turn them to guide me in different ways so I can set up different programs to help patients and clients. The reason why is because they managing and lead the different departments and programs for hospitals or wellness center. They can also help me with connecting with other departments that I can also collaborate with.

I can collaborate with the nutritional science profession in so many ways. We can make major changes in people lives; the reason why is because we both focus on nutrition as an essential tool in become healthy. While my profession focus on other areas besides nutrition I believe we would be a great team. We can come up with different programs or meal plans that can help different types of families. I say this because a lot of under privileged families have a hard time choosing a healthier lifestyle. I believe healthy food should be available to everyone in the world and not just to the people who are able to afford it. I look forward to working with a person from the nutritional profession in the future.

I can collaborate with health information technology profession in different ways. Some of the ways would be coming up with different software as it relates to the growing health and wellness field. We can maybe design software that can help patients go thru a wellness program while they are in