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James the Greater

A monotheistic faith based on the wisdoms of Jesus of Nazareth, the representation of divine humanity, purportedly the savior of mankind albeit at a cost. The main tenants of said religion are exemplified by faith in God, observance of the holy law, and of most relevance self-sacrifice and humility. The ultimate sacrifice made by the son of God, slew thereby establishing the convent between God and all of mankind. Thereby fortitude exhibited in such a bond an unquestionable legacy worthy of imitation nonetheless idyllic. As established later on by the mortality of men and women enacted the while in practice and proselytization. There were those that willing upheld faith, subscribed to a creed in the face of adversity, in order further a cause, persons known as martyrs. These diligent few, being followers whom no superimposition of ideals would adhere to, no matter the anguish, held an unwavering conviction to a higher power. Certain ideologies hence confronted by increased scrutiny whether by the Roman Empire or other. As a result to understand Christianity one has to also appreciate the martyrs of Christianity those that espouse the beliefs and ideals of said religion. Persons whom were persecuted and executed on the basis of their devotion to virtue, one God, salvation, reincarnation, along with the failure to adopt the culture norm encompassing antagonistic religious beliefs. As exemplified by all of the twelve disciples, one in particular a member of the inner circle of Jesus, James son of Zebede. The setting was early on in the Roman Empire which spanned the Mediterranean including the region encompassing modern day Israel. A contention prevalent throughout between Christianity, likewise those subscribing to the dominant pagan culture an omnipresent force, the backdrop by which James the Greater grew to know and love Jesus of Nazareth.

By way of interaction among powers that be, a seed began to develop, grew within James, who became captivated by the serenity of a prophetically righteous man. The same legacy exhibited, consistent with the demonstrative experiences through the pinnacle of religious sentiment in the form of Jesus. Through which he would regard the materialization of Christianity, disseminating the word of God voiced to him, unfortunately the collateral fated a similar end to that of the preacher as the words spreads by these messengers of the Lord met fierce resistance.. The life including martyrdom of James appears to have originated in coincidence alongside the adulthood revelation of Jesus, particularly significant with respect to Christianity as chronicled by the New Testament. James the progeny of a relatively wealthy family, a simple fisherman thought to be somehow related to Jesus fishing along the banks of the sea, from such simple beginnings. The onset being James a fisherman by trade tended to the nets beside the sea living off worldly creation awash with ignorant bliss. As Jesus strode onwards in their direction calling upon them beckoning the two brothers James and John the eldest being the former as he came upon them. Recognizing the divine nature of Jesus the pair had no qualms in an adoption of such incertitude. At that moment life became of consequence the destiny to follow in steps of Jesus the preeminent transcendence of humankind . The most important aspect of James life for the remainder in turn became Jesus and his teachings. Through the parables, the words of Jesus certain canons were processed the sights and sounds astoundingly divinatory. The salvation of man; trust in Christ who performed miracles and healing of the sick and lame: connotatively a belief in a higher power. James sanctified to the ministry awakening in him a spark ensnaring men instead of fish as Jesus poetically proclaimed. Part of the responsibility entailed spreading word of Christ the opportunity to heal and cast demons forth carrying out the virtuous works for all of humanity.