Jesus and Jae ho Cho Essay

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Daniel Jae Ho Cho
September 10, 2013
Period 7

Section 2.1 Notes/Vocabulary

1. Annunciation- the event in which the Archangel Gabriel came to Mary to announce that she had found favor with God and would became the mother of the Messiah.

2. Theotokos- God-bearer

3. Immaculate Conception- The dogma that Mary was conceived with out Original Sin and remained free from personal sin through out of their entire life

4. Foreshadow- to represent or prefigure a person before his or her life or an event before it occurs

5. Christological- having to do with the branch of Christology

6. Analogy of faith- the coherence of individual doctrines with the whole of Revelation

7. Incarnation- to become flesh

8. Expiation- the act of atoning for sin or wrongdoing

Section 2.1 Notes

I. God Prepares the Way: The Roles of Mary and Joseph * Mary is called the Theotokos * Immaculate Conception is a doctrine * Jesus is the New Adam. * Joseph takes Mary into his home without any questions * Angel Gabriel told them to move to Egypt to avoid massacre order by King Herod * Joseph is a model husband and father. * He put his faith towards everything. * We honor Saint Joseph as the universal Church, of happy death and workers. * His feast day is on May 1 and March 19.
II. The Gospels and Christological Prophecies * Old Testament Prophecy= New Testament Fulfillment * The Savior will be a born of a virgin * The Savior will be born in Bethlehem * The Savior will be filled with the Spirit of God * The Savior will come into his glory, arriving on ass donkey