Jesus and Lion Essay

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HUA 101
Museum Report

In the Cloister museum, I saw statues of Christ, many religious figures and

paintings. It was a lot of fun seeing the sculptures and why the painting/sculptures was

made in the first place. It took me a while to figure out what I am going to do on in my

report. It was a lot of fun going to the Cloisters to see past century figures.


A lion relief as seen as above, the statue is made out of sandstone and polychromy,

came from Castile-Leon in Spain about 1200 from the church of San Leonardo at Zamora.

The lion is a symbol of Christ, who was called in the New Testament in the tribe of Judah.

In the sculpture, it looks like he trampling over a dragon (which is evil) in the

background is the virgin flanked by the archangel Gabriel and S.t. Leonard, patron saint

of prisoners, shown here freeing 2 captives from their chains. The work is well designed

by showing the lion which resembles Christ stepping over evil which is the dragon and

protecting the virgin, Gabriel and Leonard.

The lion and the dragon is contrast because they are the most clear to see than the

rest. The lion has rhythm because it shows the lion stepping over the dragon. The image

that has proportion is the lion again but it bigger than the dragon and the people besides

him. The sculpture also has unity because it describes good will defeat evil and it has

along with variety because it shows a lion trampling over a dragon with people watching

the lion do it. Balance is also shown because it shows the lion trampling over the dragon

like a battle was going on thru the event. The work makes me good because it shows

good trampling over evil which is good news. It evoke these feelings because I know

there are people that can stop bad things from coming. I can tell what is the artist that

made this is trying to say. It trying to say that good always triumph over evil, it shows the

lion which might have resembled Christ in some of way defeating the dragon. I think the

dragon was trying to get rid of the bystanders that it was trying to hurt.

[pic] [pic]

In the above painting it shows a row illustrating hunting scenes and various

exotic animals, and shows the temptation of Christ by the devil. Animals were

represented in fresco cycles "for adornment and beauty only" and did not have symbolic

functions The painting also shows the miracle of Christ raising