Jesus and New York Essay

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10/6/13 Gene Thornton, other known as rapper Malice, has had a roller coaster life. He’s gone through divorce, possible HIV, and change of home at a young age. Gene, through these experiences has found the Lord Jesus Christ. Mr. Thornton has had a unique life of God communicating to him. First, Gene was growing up a normal child in New York. He was a lucky one to have both his mother and father. At the age of eight Gene and his family moved to Virginia. At first Gene, known as Mookie, thought this was a terrible move. Mookie later learned he loved Virginia a lot better than New York. He liked less traffic and more open grass to play in. Also, he enjoyed picking and eating apples fresh from the trees in their front yard. Then, while growing up Mookie sold drugs. He didn’t know these actions would later influence his little brother. He and his brother along with two friends got a record deal for their excellent rapping ability. Mookie’s stage name became Malice. Malice and the group toured with greats including Jay-Z. Malice learned his brother was selling crack cocaine. He knew his brother had received this inadequate behavior from him. Malice was married by the age of 18. He is still with his loving wife. Next, Malice’s career took a big hit. He went from top seller to giving away albums for free. His record label put him off to the side, other known as ‘shelved him’. Mr. Thornton didn’t agree with this. So he began to look for other options after his contract was up. While all of this was occurring Gene thought he had HIV, known to him as ‘the monkey’. He believed this because he was having all the symptoms, late night sweats, sudden chills, and extreme weight loss. After a while he built up to going and getting tested. Throughout the next two weeks, how long he had to wait for the results, he spent most of the day with his Grandma Shonk. Every time the phone would ring he’d