Jesus and Nicodemus Essay

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Bebeto Apollon
Dr. Blaine Charrette
BIBL 1203- New Testament
Nicodemus first appearance in the bible was in john 3:1. In john Nicodemus was described as a man of Pharisees and a ruler of Jews. Most of what we know about Nicodemus come from that one verse. John's classification of Nicodemus as a Pharisee seems to immediately portray him in a negative way because in the bible Jesus and the Pharisees had they differences. Unlike the other Pharisees, Nicodemus came to Jesus with what appears to be genuine interest in and openness to his teaching although he was not a disciple of Jesus. Nicodemus being a Pharisees and all must have been a man of some influence, and being a ruler of the Jews he would most likely have been a member of the Sanhedrin. Nicodemus came to Jesus by night from what we know in the bible but could be argue among scholar. We believe Nicodemus came to Jesus by night however, it is important enough to the evangelist that he repeat it when describing him in John 19:39. Per harps Nicodemus visiting Jesus at night was to keep his visit a secret from the other Pharisees that did not like Jesus. Also Nicodemus was seeking spiritual guidance from Jesus at the time of his visit. Doing they discussion Nicodemus address Jesus as a Rabbi and then proceeds to explain that he know/believes that Jesus is a teacher from God because of the miracles that he is able to perform. In John 3:10 the text seems to indicate that Nicodemus was a