Jesus Camp Essay

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Salvador Sanchez
Prof. J. Abad
English 50
29 October 2014
Jesus Camp Becky fisher has a mind of her own. She believes anyone who is outside of her church denomination is naive to the facts, which is particularly judging one another in a world where we our all our brothers and sisters. She needs to realize only The Creator shall judge us for what we do. You are suppose to embrace love and reflect it upon everyone. If your are considering the Lord's words to his children. Becky has a different level of compassion towards any other branch of Christianity. In the beginning she speaks about how we the people need to train our children during a very young age. In my own opinion acting in such a manner must be wrong to a certain extent because you are not giving your child any room to grow. From the ages of a child to a kid you must only teach your children the values of morality. Morality in a concept of good not evil. I would not brain wash my children. My personal opinions are my person beliefs. By believing in our Creator is something special but separating yourself from the world and it's surroundings is not hiding from life. We are here to live and grown, no matter what we face. We the people know what is right from wrong it is a sense and feeling we receive after the thought of proceeding from a decision. The outlook Becky fisher had on life was a basis only of her beliefs and her church's organization. The feelings she had on George Bush's reasoning's must not be taught as the right way because who is to say, it is the right way. Becky fisher also focused on separate views and ideas while praying in tongues to Jesus. She believed Islam was not right for their religion saying they were radicals, who taught there children since a very young age to kill yourself for God. Morally this is observe. Jesus Camp was established in 2001 to teach the children the true value and meanings which was incorrect in doing so. While 75% of young adults were Christians in United States of America. This is a very big number stating the main religion is Christianity. Becky's church members home school their children when the government took out god from schools by separating church from state. She believes they have a right to teach their kids and teach them the Christianity view of life. There was a slow separation between church and state They do not believe in Darwin's theory, some of which comes from Kansas teachings. Their Domination is highly valued in their hearts. In a home for some members who belong to Becky Fisher's church organization they pray to their flag under Jesus Christ before they eat separate from the star spangled banner. The real name of the Camp is