Jesus Christ in Ortodox Church Essay

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Christianity is the world largest religion today, with around 2.2 billion believers. The three largest group of Christianity are Eastern Ortodox Church, the roman catholic and the protestans. The roman catholic and East orthodox churches split one to another in 14th century. And protestatisn split from roman catholic during 16th century. Ortodox chirstianity is collective for the east orthodox church. This branch of Christianity use the term “ orthodoxy” from Greek word orthos+doxa which its meaning correct belief.

Jesus Christ is the son of God. He came into the world by the holy spirit and the virgin mary, that why the church gave him the title the God-man. The Ortodox Church clearly teaches that Jesus Christ was fully divine and fully human.

Today I am going to put more attention on how Jesus Christ is presented in East Orthodox art,which is one of the differences between Orthodox and other churches. The bright colored mural on the ceiling that depicted saints and images of Jesus Christ, in Orthodox Church are known like icons or holy images. All orthodox churches have it and they tell us a story about Jesus life. Icons include the cross, the fish, the lamb and other symbols that presented Jesus Christ.

Orthodox Christianis do not want to depict the people in painting as humans-like becaue the goal of the artwork is to depict something Holy. All the walls in Orthodox Churches have icons on them that depicte different aspects of the bible and that’s why Orthodox church is unique, because most Christian churches do not include so many portraits and depictions of Jesus and his disciples. Also, the Ortodox church never depicts God ) the father) in the icons because God never assumed the role of a human. He was always being that was not seen by the people so it would not make seanse for the church to make up how he looks like.

SHOW THE PICTURE---How can you see the differents on this picture, “The Crucifix” , on the left sde is Western art peace and on the left Eastern. The left picture shows that protestant and roman catholic theology teache that man is being punished for the quilt he inherited from Adam. Jesus dies in our place and suffers God’s wrath. The crucifixion of Jesus is depicted as the Savior in agony.
In otthodox representation of Jesus’s…