Essay on Jet Blue Case Study

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Jet Blue Airways: Case Study

1. Draw up a SWOT analysis and describe JetBlue’s Strategy.


* Low cost airline fares and operations * Experienced management * Creating demand in under-served markets * Customer service oriented (i.e. leather seats with more legroom, in-flight entertainment, better refreshments than competition) * Political backing and support * Competitive pay and benefits increasing employee retention


* Sustaining low cost fares and operations with a down economy * Unpredictability of the market * Political backing and support * Does not run service to all major airports


* Increased destinations (inside and outside the U.S.) *
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7. Would JetBlue be an attractive career option for a flight attendant?

I believe that JetBlue could be an attractive career option for a flight attendant. JetBlue recognizes that employees are not going to stay with them forever, and they believe that some of their jobs, including the flight attendant, is a short one to five year term. With that being said, I am assuming that many employers and/or employees don't consider being a flight attendant as a permanent, career type job.

JetBlue has created a package for the flight attendants that attracts employees looking for short term employment, shared employment, or a standard full time employment. Therefore, JetBlue could be an attractive career option for those who wish to stay longer than the industry average. The employee culture and environment along with the benefits, and competitive pay are all attractive reasons for a flight attendant to consider a career with JetBlue.

8. Why is JetBlue’s top management team so committed to being non-union?

JetBlue is committed to being non-union mainly to keep a motivated team environment instead of an “us versus them” mentality and environment. Keeping a union out of the work environment can keep the organizational costs down and allow the company to focus their efforts on the core values, customer service, and employee / management relations.

9. Are they right?

They are absolutely right. If a company