Jetblue Bmgt 364 Essay

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The Mission and Vision: Southwest and Jet Blue Airlines
BGMT 364
Alexandria Walker
University of Maryland University College
Professor Brockunier

This paper outlines the formation of a vision statement, the mission and the values that JetBlue and Southwest airlines embrace. A firm can initiate strategic management once it forms a mission statement. That statement allows forms to aspire to its potential while bearing in mind what it wants to avoid as it successfully grows. JetBlue and Southwest airlines mission has been primarily to govern the way they conduct business and the desire to serve customers and give direction to make service related decisions. This paper will concentrate
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Southwest does not have a vision statement, but has a mission dedicated to their employees. “We are committed to provide our Employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged for improving the effectiveness of Southwest Airlines.

Jet Blue Air and Social Responsibility: Jet Blue not only commits to air travel, they also have a responsibility to the world below their wings is to better the lives of our customers, crewmembers and communities. This commitment to corporate social responsibility is how we do business every day. Beyond just raising cause awareness, we’re dedicated to developing meaningful charitable partnerships, supporting the communities in the cities we serve, and creating volunteer experiences for our crewmembers and customers. We work closely with partners and organizations to create programs that fully engage our resources, and connect our communities within the areas of Youth & Education, Community and the Environment. Jet Blues activities to social responsibility are admissible. The focused areas are undoubtedly appropriate. Jet Blues scope of social responsibility reflects on