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The human resources department of any company is one of the most integral parts of a business. Without the right people to do the right job a business is doomed to fail. What goes into finding the right people for the right job? Ann Rhoades who was the Executive Vice President of People at JetBlue Airways. Ms. Rhoades was very innovative with the development of the new HR policies, which up to that time had never been implemented by any other startup airline organization. Along with the strategies, policies, and practices, there were five core values that were also established. These values provided an overarching vision for JetBlue Airways in order to direct all organization activities whether internal or external. The five core values were safety, caring, integrity, fun, and passion, which from JetBlue Airway’s management viewpoint was that if employees were happy then that would lead to greater successful recruitment and greater employee retention rate. The hiring practices that were established by Ms. Rhoades were based upon five values, which were safety, fun, caring, integrity, and passion. These values were the cornerstone of JetBlue Airways hiring philosophy. JetBlue Airway’s new employment model from the time the organization was formed was to focus on selecting particular employees that would best fit into the company’s core values as opposed to focusing on the employee’s skills and experience. This innovative approach could create a work environment that would promote a higher level of satisfaction amongst the employee’s and staff, but would also create a working environment that would be more uniform, which would mean that all employees would have similar work characteristics and behaviors. JetBlue, like most other employers, is subject to federal employment laws. When recruiting potential employees, interviewing possible employees, and even when offering salaries to these potential employees, JetBlue must be conscious of these laws. JetBlue Airways offered an employment package for flight attendants, there was a preference toward college students. This preference in hiring college students was apparent because JetBlue Airways offered more in the way of financial compensation and lower indirect benefits. In addition, JetBlue Airways also offered a variety of unique and innovative pay and compensation packages for their pilots, ramp workers, and ticket agents, which were tailored around the employee’s needs rather than the needs of the organization. JetBlue performance appraisal system this review takes the form of a periodic interview either semiannual or annual basis in which the work performance of the subordinate is examined and discussed. Weaknesses and strengths in performance are identified and the supervisor outlines opportunities for the subordinate to improve in those identified areas. The three factors that influence a performance appraisal system include the following:
The appraisal should be based on standard
Employee should have input into development of the standard Appraiser should be someone who has observed employee’s work 360-Degree
Feedback Evaluation 360 degree feedback is an employee development feedback mechanism that is derived from employees within the