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The Roman Society was led by two very different systems, first was the Roman republic (509 BC -29 BC) and later was the paid a lot of money to change or add laws. Under the government’s system it didn’t take long for the Roman government to become corrupt. Rome didn’t have a police force which made it a very dangerous place to live; its streets weren’t safe on daytime and were deadly at night. Wealthy families could afford protection and wealthy people built private armies to protect themselves.

Julius Caesar was a great general and influential leader that came into the picture, he changed the roman republic to the Roman Empire, he suggested new laws (most approved by the senate), re –organized the roman army, improved the way the provinces were governed and made a revision to the Roman calendar. The roman even named a month after him, the month of July for Julius Caesar. Caesar had brilliant ideas and the people of Rome trusted him. They also trusted him because of accomplishments, for example, attainting the position of consulship in 60 B.C people wanted to see Caesar in a higher position of power because they knew that he could solve their problems. The people called Julius Caesar “father of the homeland”. Caesar made many changes and people admired his leadership.

The Roman Empire expanded under the leadership of Caesar because of his accomplishments and victories. He conquered Gaul, southern France and made it a Roman province, and he assumes his governorship