Jewish Marriage Roles

Words: 1887
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This paper demonstrates the roles of women in marriages based on religious beliefs in Judaism, Hinduism and Christianity. This paper goes into detail on the women’s role in the marriage as a good wife. This paper will show the structural opposition between husband and wife. The three religions have many similarities as well as some differences that will be explored and explained. As time continues women are slowly getting more rights, so depending on where these religions are most common and the era helps to define why some of these beliefs still exist.
The roles of women throughout history are similar, and finally starting to change all over the world. Women in most religions are thought of as below a man and her role is
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The ketubah is the oldest document of women’s rights in marriage and divorce. During the wedding ceremony, the ketubah is signed by both bride and groom, along with two witnesses and then handed to the bride. A ketubah at normal wedding ceremonies will include many provisions, even some in the case of divorce or death. For example, in case of a divorce, the wife must be paid the amount of money equal to the amount needed to support her for a year if they were still to be a married couple. If the bride brings any value of property into the marriage, then in the case of a divorce the husband must repay the value of the property back to his soon to be ex-wife. According to a collection of rabbinic teaching known as the Talmud, the ketubah makes it difficult for a man to divorce his wife, especially since Jewish Law states that only the man can ask for a …show more content…
The bride’s family usually pays a large sum to the bride’s new family. This is a reason why wanting a son is preferred over a daughter because daughters cost money and sons will bring money into the family upon marriage. The offering of a dowry can also result in death dowry. Death dowry is when the bride’s family pays the dowry to the husband’s family and then killed. The husband is allowed to remarry after the death of his wife. The primary duty for a wife in a marriage is to be devoted to her husband and provide obedient service to