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Jewish !


Typically for Jewish males, they are circumcised, foreskin is cut off, on the 8th after birth for religious purposes. !
On the 13th birthday the males celebrate with a Bar Mitzvah, at this age they are considered legal and are now allowed to participate in and perform various rituals associated with their religion.!
Jewish culture celebrate a array of spiritual holidays. !
Rosh Hashanah, stands for head of the year”, it is celebrated on the first and second days of autumn month. This is known as the Jewish New Year and the Day of
Judgement, the deeds of past year are weighed and their fate is decided for the coming year. !
Right after Rosh Hashanah, it is known as the Ten Days of Repentance, during this time people have intensive soul searching and reconciliation with God since the final judgement that started in Rosh Hashanah is not sealed until Yom Kippor. It is customary to ask for forgiveness to people that they might have offended, this time offers a chance to influence God to reconsider their fate.!
Yom Kippor is after the 10 days are up.———————!
The Torah prohibits shaving of the side growth of beard, the hair between the head and the cheeks. This long curly hair is known as Payot. One underlying meaning of this was in past times it was a “reminder of a commandment to leave an unharvested crop for poor.” (Eisenberg, 590)!
The Jewish people have certain traditions when it comes to someone that is approaching death, “Jewish tradition emphasizes respect for