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Lee Harvey Oswald, known as the lone gun man, shot President Kennedy on November 23, 1963. Oswald was very mentally capable of assassinating anyone, even the President of the United States. By the age of 17, Oswald had lived in 22 locations and attended 12 different schools. While living in New York City he was charged with truancy, uncovering his mental instability. During a psychiatric assessment at a juvenile detention, he was determined him to have "schizoid features", and also to be passive aggressive. He was considered a loner by most and was a high school drop out.

Dropping out of high school lead Oswald to join the military. This is where Oswald learned to shoot. However, Oswald caused trouble in the military. He did not get along with his fellow marines and was court-martialed twice. Oswald left the military to take care of his mom. This, however, was a lie. Oswald did not stay home long, instead he went to Soviet Russia. Oswald was obsessed with communism and even told his brother it was "the new wave". Oswald denounced his American citizenship and attempted to get citizenship from the Soviet Union. However, the request was ignored because they did not trust him. Oswald became disappointed with Soviet life and planned to return to America with his new wife. It didn't take long for Oswald to find trouble in America. Oswald's wife, Marina told the Warren Commission that Oswald considered retired U.S. Major General Edwin Walker the leader of a fascist organization. In March 1963, Oswald purchased a 6.5 mm caliber Carcano rifle by mail-order, using the alias "A. Hidell", as well as a .38 Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver by the same method. It can not be proven because of considerable damage to the bullet, but it is believed that the bullet shot at Edwin was made by the same manufacturer and for the same rifle and Kennedy was shot with. On November 22, the day before the assassination of Kennedy, Oswald shows up unexpectedly at