Jfk Assassination Research Paper

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It was November 22, 1963, when America lost a great hero. He was a husband, father, soldier, and etc. He cared for his people and protected them with all his might. He was not afraid of death on the battlefield while defending his country. This man had influenced and inspired a lot of people, starting from kids to leaders of the world. That man was President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, also known as JFK. He was a well-known president, throughout the entire world, who was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. At 1:00 P.M. in the afternoon, the media announced that JFK had passed away. It was one of the most tragic moments in America’s history. Meanwhile, the people in Texas were questioned by policemen about any appearance of anyone with a gun or sniper. …show more content…
Well, there had been a lot of theories about who was responsible for JFK assassination. However, the main theories were the Mafia, Cuban Exiles, CIA, Soviet Union, and President Johnson. After JFK tragic death, people believed that the Mafia was associated with the assassination. First, the theory of the Mafia appealed to a large amount of people in the United States because of John and Robert Kennedy attempts to eliminate organized crime. Some people believe that JFK won the election of 1961 because of Sam Giancana. Sam was the boss of the Chicago mobster at the time, and he did not like that JFK was trying to eliminate his organization. JFK was going to ruin his businesses, and maybe send him to prison for life. As the boss of the organization, he had all the motivation to kill JFK. Second, the theory of the Cuban Exiles was persuasive. About 1,500 Cuban Exiles were trained by the CIA to overthrow Fidel Castro’s regime. After the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion, JFK refused to help the troops that were captured. So he left the exiles that were captured to either die or sent to prison. That probably left the feeling of betrayal and anger toward JFK, and that could be a motivation to assassinate him. Third, the theory of the CIA was agreed upon some people in America. After the failure of Bay of Pigs, JFK accepted full responsibility of the defeat of his system, but he secretly blamed the CIA. After the Bay of Pigs, he fired Director Allen Dulles and others from the service. Then there were rumors that JFK was planning on shutting down the whole CIA service. That made CIA leaders very upset, and could have been the motivation for them to assassinate him in Dallas, since he was surrendered by agents. Fourth, the theory of Soviet Union was highly regarded as truth for a long period of time. After the failure of the Bay of Pigs, Cuba was looked upon as a military ally to the Soviet Union. Nikita Khrushchev, a politician led the Soviet