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John F. Kennedy Assassination

c )Four Theories
CIA- The CIA Kennedy assassination theory is a prominent John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory. The CIA's possible involvement was frequently stated during the 1960s and 1970s when the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved in plans to assassinate foreign leaders, particularly Fidel Castro.
Kennedy was quoted as telling an official within his administration: "I want to crack the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds. According to author James Douglass, Kennedy was assassinated because he was turning away from the Cold War and seeking a negotiated peace with the Soviet Union. Accusations and confessions of and by alleged conspirators, as well as official government reports mentioning the CIA as uncooperative in investigations, have at times renewed interest in these conspiracy theories.
The CIA asked the services of the Mafia to kill Fidel Castro and also Since 1942, the CIA and the Mafia have worked together in numerous underground operations.

Cuban Exiles
The House Select Committee on Assassinations believed evidence exists that indicates violent Cuban exiles may have participated in Kennedy's murder. These exiles worked closely with CIA operatives in violent activities against Castro's Cuba, such as during Operation Mongoose. In 1979, the committee reported , President Kennedy's popularity among the Cuban exiles had rushed deeply by 1963. Their anger is showed in a tape recording of a meeting of anti-Castro Cubans and right-wing Americans in the Dallas suburb of Farmer's Branch on October 1, 1963.

The Mafia
The Mafia liked Kennedy's religion but hated his politics.
The president and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, had pushed reviews of union racketeering, irritating boss Jimmy Hoffa. His concession deal with Nikita Khrushchev to keep U.S. hands off Cuba under Castro also stuck in the craw of the mob, which had financial interests in Havana's casinos, which were popular with Americans before the revolution. And then there was the bizarre plot arranged by the CIA to use Mafia hitmen to whack Castro.