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Cynthia McKinney was the first congress person out a 535 members of congress. To point the finger at the bush administration, that they received warnings. In advance of the 9/11 attack. Cynthia McKinney was born on March 17,1955 in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated University of South Carolina with a B.A in international relations, and from Fletcher school and law of diplomacy where she earned her Masters in art and diplomacy. Her political career began when her father state Bill McKinney submitted her name to be considered for state house district. Despite the fact that at the time she was living in Jamaica, McKinney still received 40% of the popular vote. She moved back to Georgia where she was elected as Georgia’s state legislature. During a radio interview on March 24. The ball started to roll when McKinney broke the silence on how she felt about 9/11. Cynthia McKinney felt that the bush administration were warned in advance , of what to come on 9/11. She felt that even though people might not agree with her this was called for a full investigation without there being regulations on the limit of question that is acceptable. After her interview in March, it was clear that many more people believed her. Example, The Atlanta journal-constitution which was a republican site put up a online poll to see if other people believe McKinney. Within a few hours 46 percent of the voters believed the government was warned in advance. 23,000 people voted on a poll which was meant for people to vote against McKinney.

A Bush spokesmen bashed Cynthia McKinney be labeling her a lunatic, one person was shocked that there was a conspiracy that the government knew about 9/11 in advance. McKinney fired back by saying that whether or not the government and President Bush knew about the tragedy in advance and did nothing about it. This might have been a way out for them to profit off a new war for America. Due to the fact that McKinney accused president Bush of knowing about the attack. A target was placed of her by Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, who was his secretary. Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida. His secretary and himself created a convicted felons list, to be exact 57,000. The plan was to scrub them from the voters list. Most of the men on the list were innocent of crimes not only that, they were colored. The men of color were most like democratic voters, this shows that if they had voted the course of the presidency in 2000 would have changed. The democratic party was not only robbed of 57,000 votes, but Denise Majetee