Jfk Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Grace Long
AP Language
26 August 2013
Style Emulation Outside it was a cloudy day where no glimpse of sunshine could be seen through the clouds. Disappointed and drowsy looks were painted on each of the juror’s faces from several days of trial. The President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, was trying to fight the guilty label that had already been given to him. The hero who ended the Russian Cold War, was now being forced to answer heated questions; Reagan refusing to give into the pressure of the court and answered each question thrown at him with grace and ease. The case drawing in the world’s attention was now known as the Iran-Contra Affair of 1985, blaming the presidential administration for the illegal smuggling of weapons into Iran in exchange for fifty-two Untied States citizens being held captive; part of the money was thought to have been funneled into a fund to overthrow the Sandinista socialist government.
Ronald Reagan, a recently reformed Republican and retired actor, was born in his home state of Illinois. Ronald Reagan was one of the most popular, independent, dynamic, and influential presidents to ever reside in the White House. By the age of thirty-two Reagan was a captain in the United States Army during World War II, later he morphed his successful acting career into a prominent political career. Known for his strong, conservative views during his presidency and as governor of California, most are shocked to learn of Reagan’s early Democratic beliefs. Reagan’s first major role in politics was being elected as the 33rd Governor of California after impressing the California Republicans with his conservative views and charisma. Experiencing great success during his time as governor, Reagan dipped into the presidential waters. Winning the presidential election of 1980, Reagan was much loved for his Reaganomics and tax cuts; during the beginning of his second term a scandal was released that shook the administration in disbelief. Reagan, being a prominent leader in the midst of a scandal, was crucified in court for the