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Jianqiao (Irons) Ye
Christy Krumm
AE 20C / Reading Responsible #1 Revision #1
19 November 2014
In the article “A Visit To Grandmother” which is written by William Melvin Kelley, the author writes that Mr. Charles Dunsford is jealous of his brother GL Dunsford when their mother is telling the anecdote which was about the horse, GL and herself. During dinner, he complains that his mother often loves GL more than him. The astonished old lady tries to justify her behavior by arguing “I did not love any one of you more than any other!” (166). However, Charles does not forgive her at all and rushes away. In this article, it is easy to tell that the only similarity between Charles and GL is that they lived together until Charles was fifteen. When they were living side by side, Charles found that his mother always spent much time with GL and paid little mind to him. Thus, he left for Knoxville. Thirty years later, while Charles is dining with his family, the old lady is still talking about the anecdote of GL and she even asks Charles “You remembered how tired we were, Charles?” (165) The old lady remembers most of the times playing with GL but she totally forgets that Charles is not present until he says “I wasn’t here at the time” (165) and “I left here in June of that year” (165). Although Charles’ mother says that she loves all her children even though she may treat them differently, I think that she loves GL more than Charles because despite the fact that Charles is much more