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AP Book Report: Fahrenheit 451
Jake Hoberg
6th Period
Honors English

Title: Fahrenheit 451

Author and Date: Ray Bradbury; 1953

Country of Author: United States

Montag – He was a fireman who was, at first, very happy with what he was doing. However, over time he began to think more, he stowed away books because his curiosity got the best of him. He eventually really begins to think after talking with a young girl name Clarisse. Meets a man named Faber to help him read and understand the books he has. He has a wife named Mildred; although, all her feelings for real people have faded. She is the one who turns in her husband because of her large fear of books. She leaves Montag to be arrested and leaves her house to be burned down. Montag must escape. He burns Beatty, his fire chief, and escapes the Mechanical Hound by going into the river and fleeing to the woods. Meets a group of traveling people who are all just remembering books as they were. He ends the story walking back towards the city, which has been blown up by bombs.

Mildred – Mildred is very materialistic and shallow. She has an obsession with her television walls, which rule her life. She has a “family” within the walls that she cares more about than the real people in her life. She has slowly become more and more closed from her husband. Rather than talking she watches television and listens to the seashells. She turns in her own husband for having books in the house and leaves him to be sent to prison and leaves their house to get burned. She ends up dying when the city is bombed.

Clarisse – Although a character who only was briefly in the story, had a large impact. Clarisse is a young schoolgirl; although, she doesn’t like school very much because of how asocial it has become. She in an oddball; she is unique. She is constantly harassed not only not only her schoolmates, but also by adults who are disgusted that she is thinking and asking questions. Clarisse is the girl who teaches Montag to think, and becomes his good friend before she disappears. Clarisse is hit by a car, which kills her.

Beatty – Beatty is the fire chief; he is Montag’s boss. Throughout the book, Beatty is very mysterious. His tone and the way he speaks is ominous as if he knows what you’re doing. Although Beatty strongly advocates against books, he is able to quote books, plays, and other various types of literature with ease. Beatty is a very hard character to read. Eventually Montag and Beatty have a standoff when they’re out in front of his house. Montag ends up killing Beatty out of rage; however, he later discovers that this is what Beatty wanted to happen.

Mechanical Hound – The mechanical dog type thing that lives in the fire station. They use this dog to track and kill people as well as help with general control of the public. The mechanical hound is purely mechanical, yet Montag feels as though it is alive. The Mechanical Hound has six legs and a fang that can inject its target with procaine.

Faber – An old man that Montag meets while in the park. Faber is a retired English teacher whom was left without a job after the school he had been teaching at lost patronage. Faber loves books, although is very scared to defend his point. He was cowardly when it came to defending knowledge. Faber engineers his own method to talk to Montag in order to instruct him. Faber is one of the only people that is smart enough to leave the city before it is destroyed.

Granger – The leader of the people that Montag meets in the forest after floating down the river. Granger is one of the higher and more elite of the people that are remembering the books. He tells Montag about what they are doing and why they are doing it.

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