Jigsaw: A Menace To Your Phone

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Jigsaw: A Menace To Your Phone
Lion’s Gate Entertainment’s Saw films were created to reach out to a younger demographic that have an interest in horror movies. There was a lot of talk about the previous films, but the movie studio wanted to keep up the excitement leading into Saw III. In order to do this, Lion’s Gate had to engage in a new marketing plan. This new plan involved using new technologies and reaching out to more people in their target market.
Cell phones, along with other technologies, were a major part of this new advertising campaign. To get the consumers excited about the movie release, the marketers came up with ads that were informative as well as entertaining. Lion’s Gate partnered with MobiTV, which consumers could use to get the Saw III channel straight to their cell phones.
Lion’s Gate wanted to reach out to the other consumers in their target market, which are comedians and people who enjoy musicals. For the comedians, they did this by having famous comedians mention Saw III in their stand-up routines. To reach out to the consumer’s who enjoy musicals, Lion’s Gate also teamed with Warcon Records to produce a musical using Saw III-themed live music. Also, for the performance, a special museum was set up displaying props and other notable things from the movie. Both of these techniques worked out very well because it got the idea of Saw III back into the minds of more people in their target market.
All of the new innovated advertising strategies