Jim Black Case Essay

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Noram Canada Ltd. sells compressed gases through sales representatives who are supervised by an area supervisor. With the recession hitting hard, sales representatives cannot afford to lose their customers to other compressed gas suppliers who are eager to grab new clients.
Jim a sales representative of Norman Canada has been having a difficult time. Customers knowing the market is in their favour demand for discounts and shorter delivery times. Jim, has had to have expedited delivery to meet a deadline and offer discounts which reduce his commission. Expedited deliveries delays the shipments of other clients and discounts are not smiled upon by Noram management except in cases of huge orders.
Jim is currently worried about a
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Low Task Control: McShane and Steen (2012) explains that job resources help employees to attain work goals and reduce job demands. An example of job resource is control over the pace of work. With more control over the pace of work, the employee can adjust their energy to the pace of work load. Low task control increased with the burden of responsibility the employee must carry (p. 111). Jim has low task control. He has to give up part of his commissions to provide discount to customers since the company has not put this in its structure and expedited deliveries creates a delay for other customers showing a lack of proper structure in the shipment of gasses. Jim also has a higher responsibility of getting more customers and increasing sales, making sure deadlines are met and keeping his job in the eventual sale of the company.
Role Relationship and Conflict: Mullins (2005) explains how role ambiguity and conflict can lead to stress which affects communication, performance and effectiveness at work, as well as health. He explains that the demand from management for increase competitiveness increases pressure on the worker and his effectiveness. Also if there is a conflict in the requirements of the customers and the requirements of the company, the employee might be required to perform