Jim Crow Response Paper

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Jim Crow Response Paper Until this day I thought “Jim crow” were just the Jim Crow laws. Just a simple set aside laws during the segregation era. Watching this documentary again today made me realize some many other things I would have never understood during this period of time. Even though I came into the sense of what was going on in that time, I know that I would never fully understand and recreate the image of what was happening to slaves. In the Jim Crow Museum one of the topics that was raised is whites using black people as a laughing stock. Black people were seen as stupid and heartless people that whites used to laugh on. Black people were there entertainment, just like we use our phones and TV’s as an entertainment tools, black people were used as entertainment tools by the white. Through out the whole America blacks were look upon, not just in the slavery industry but also in the amusement industry. Making somebody work for you can be understandable to a certain point maybe because your lazy or your simply not capable of working. However, when you use that same person to laugh at by making them feel stupid and worthless it definitely has huge affect on the person. In the documentary it addresses that “black people started painting themselves blacker just for the comedy of it”. That to me means a lot. It takes a lot of criticism and brainwashing for you to make fun of yourself and see yourself how others see you. White people have figured out that controlling the next generation was a very powerful weapon; therefore, the fastest and easiest way to do that is of course manipulate the younger kids. So they made TV shows and cartoons to raise the next generation racist and hateful toward blacks. That is how it affected the popular culture.
The documentary goes on about how blacks were treated in different areas of