Jim Heynen's 'What Happened During The Ice Storm'

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Human Nature It is in human nature to be a bystander, but it takes a special kind of person to help others. “What Happened During the Ice Storm” by Jim Heynen tells a story about some farm boys and pheasants during an ice storm. The boys take their safety for granted to help some pheasants and that displays their good human nature. After reading the passage, the reader can come to the conclusion that the author was trying to show that even in challenging situations someone with a good human nature will always put someone else before them. In the beginning of the story, the author creates a descriptive setting showing just how bad the weather was. He tells us how it is so cold that the trees have frozen and broken, ”Then broke like glass” this proves that the conditions outside were not made for anything to survive (Heynen 1). Next the author tells about the farmers and their procedures for the cold weather. He states, “farmers moved their livestock into barns… But not the …show more content…
The boys, like the other farmers, have come down their driveways looking for their winter dinner. As soon as they get down their driveways they spot some pheasants as they get nearer the pheasants, ”pulled their heads down between their wings” (Heynen 1);this is a crucial point in the story because it shows the challenging situation the boys are going to face. The author creates a parallelism between the boys and the pheasants by mirroring their actions within the story. The author states, “Their breath comes out By human nature we can either be the bystander or the one who jumps in and helps. In the story “What Happened During the Ice Storm” it tells a tale about a group of farm boys who save some pheasants lives for the greater good. They display a good human nature during a difficult situation. The author showed us that if we have a good human