Jim In My Antonia

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At the end of book one section three of “My Antonia” by Willa Cather, Antonia’s father begs Jim to teach antonia. Although jim does teach antonia many things, it is Jim that learns the most throughout their relationship. Jim learns patience while teaching Antonia to speak English. In the book jim states “... I had no idea what she wanted...she pointed to her own eyes and shook her head, then to mine and to the sky”. Teaching a person a language is not an easy task, and often times things can be confusing and frustrating. Jim learns to bypass the frustration at Antonia while teaching her english. Jim also learns the excitement of learning new things. Jim teaches Antonia the words “blue sky” and she repeats them and tries to show Jim her appreciation. …show more content…
I knew when I woke

up, that it was going to be a busy day. Jonathan said he needed to go out hunting today, as our rations are low. All we had left today was 1 slab of meat. While he is out hunting, I set out to doing chores. I gather up the clothing and take them to the washing area, and start scrubbing until they are clean. Even with it being a cold day, the sun and exertion has me sweating in no time. Once those are done I set about making some pie, Jonathan loves pie and I know he will appreciate it when he gets home. I finish setting up the pies then I gather some wood to get the stove going so I can warm some water. I know Jonathan will want to take a bath when he gets home, so I try to make sure it is ready for him before I start baking the pies. It was just starting to get dark when Jonathan enters the mud room, and starts undressing, he is covered in mud. Once he enters the bath I start getting ready to cook the stew. I mix all the ingredients in the pot and set that over the fire, that is also heating the house. We eat the stew in silence, I could tell he was tired. We both proceeded to go to bed, knowing we would have to do the same tomorrow. I kiss Jonathan good night as I blow out the