Jim Poss Case Stusy Essay

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Jim Poss Case Study

1. Who is Jim Poss a. Jim Poss demonstrates a strong passion for project even after so many people shot down the idea. His passion translates into determination to getting the idea out to potential customers/investors. Taking risks like going into solar power when the trend was heading toward wind and selling his product even though he didn’t have a finished product to sell. And he craves learning, working 3 jobs, double major and a minor plus an MBA before working his new venture gave him the knowledge and confidence to try for it. b. When comparing myself to Jim Poss, it doesn’t even come close to similar. His amazingly driven and a very creative individual; I am nowhere near the same level as he
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i. IP is the largest single cost item, does that make sense? In a way yes. In order to protect his creation from being copied and to prevent newcomers from easily entering the same market, Jim Poss had to patent/protect every aspect of his creation. This process is very expensive but it helps Poss stay in a comfortable spot in the market when new products eventually start entering. 5. Analyze the proposed financial offering j. What will investors receive in exchange for their $250K investment? Investors would own 10% of the company if they invested. k. Defend or reject the $2.5M pre-money evaluation? I would reject this evaluation mainly due to the fact that the company had to sell many of their products for a loss in order to get the name out. Trying the dig themselves out by the time summer rolls around probably will not happen. Not to say that it will never happen, just in the time frame allotted it seems pretty high. l. Is this an attractive Investment? Overall, the company knows who they are, what their mission is and who they are selling to. They know what