Jimmy John's Competitive Forces Model Essay examples

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Jimmy John’s Introduction The first Jimmy John’s was created in 1983 in Champaign, Illinois, by Jimmy John Liautaud. Liautaud founded Jimmy John’s on the idea of providing the gourmet sandwiches for a low price. The first Jimmy Johns was run out of a garage with used equipment, and without an ice machine for the drinks because there wasn’t any room. Liautaud grew interest in his sandwiches by giving out free samples to people around town, especially college students. As word spread about his sandwiches, Jimmy John’s began to gain acclaim and began to make money. (Gibbs, 2005) 1985 marked the opening of the second Jimmy John’s. Since then the sandwich shop franchise has continued to flourish with over 690 stores currently open …show more content…
New Entrants New entrants to the sandwich market are not an immediate threat to Jimmy John’s. The Jimmy John’s name has been well established across the nation and is thriving. Also, these new entrants face the barriers of not only creating a product that is different than Jimmy John’s, but also different from all of the substitutes and competitor’s products. After creating this different product, new market entrants then must be able to sell this idea to the public, effectively trying to take customers away from products they already enjoy. New entrants must creatively market their product to draw interest and consumers. With so many options already available, this will be the tallest order for a new market entrant. Even if a new market entrant is successful enough to create a product, market it, and draw customers, Jimmy John’s does not have a lot to fear from new market entrants. The fact that Jimmy John’s has become a house hold name will keep them above any new threats. Also, Jimmy John’s has been able to create such a unique product, that consumers who are fans of their bread and sandwiches will be tough to sway.

Suppliers Suppliers play a key role in the operation of a successful sandwich shop such as Jimmy John’s. The most recognized need is the need for the food products to produce Jimmy John’s famous bread and fresh