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scientists of evolution

Stephen Gould
Stephen Gould lived in America, and was born september 10th, 1941, and died may 20th, 2002. Some of his main findings, publications, and contributions was his most important contribution which was the theory of punctuated equilibrium in 1972. This theory suggests that most evolution is marked by long periods of evolutionary stability. He also contributed to evolutionary developmental biology. In evolutionary theory he opposed selectionism, sociobiology as applied to humans, and evolutionary psychology. He also campaigned against creationism. These findings impacted the developing theory of evolution and relate to the modern theory of evolution by contrasting the idea that evolutionary change is marked by a pattern of smooth and unremitting change in the fossil record. These findings and publications relate to the highly held beliefs of the day and offer that science and religion should be considered two separate things. This proposal is something that is still brought about today.

Ernst Mayr
Ernst Mayr lived in America, and was born July 5th, 1904 and died February 3, 2005. Mayr contributed to the conceptual revolution that led to the modern evolutionary synthesis of Mendelian genetics, systematics, and Darwinian evolution, and to the development of the biological species concept. He wrote and published a book titled Systematics and the Origin of Species in 1942. He wrote many books, but this was his first, and most important. It was important because before he wrote it, no one knew the explanation of evolution, but he came up with an explanation and put it in his book. It all explained that a species can progress by mating with their own species, by being isolated and over time different genes will form and start evolution with that species. That was Mayrs theory on how an animal can evolve from its own ancestors without mixing with any other type of species.
His theory of peripatric speciation is still today considered a leading mode of speciation.

Sewall Wright
Sewall wright lived in America, and was born December 16th, 1889 and died March 3rd,1988. In
Wright’s life, he published many works such as, Genetic and Biometric Foundations (1968),
Experimental Results and Evolutionary Deductions (1977), Evolution: Selected Papers (1986), Variability
Within and Among Natural Populations (1978), just to name a few. He applied mathematics to describe the movements of genes during evolution, proving how natural selection, mutation, and various evolutionary forces change the alleles and genotypes. In Wright’s paper Evolution in…