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JLC Essay 4.2
EunHye Chu (Hyeny) 6. How does An­Mei’s mother change throughout the story and how does AnMei feel about these changes? In The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan, character An­Mei’s mother was called a ghost by her uncle and aunties’s family. This did not mean her mother died, but she could not see her mother and forbade to say her mother’s name. It foreshadowed how An­Mei’s mother life changed. One day, An­Mei first saw her mother when her grandmother, Popo, was dying.
An­mei was glad her mom did not look like a evil or ghost that her grandmother and uncle’s family told her. After her grandmother died, her mother prepared to leave with An­Mei to the new house where she lived as a fourth concubine of rich guy Wu­Tsing. One night, An­mei was told the turtle story and learned that tears feeds someone else’s joy. Probably, her mother wanted her to be stronger than others.
While An­Mei and her mother’s long journey to Tientsin, An­mei encountered her mother had been lived differently and she was so proud of that she was told many things by her mother. Even though she saw how her mother was dark and angry, she was pleased when she wore the new dress as if she felt look as same as her mother.
When An­mei arrived at the new house, she was so happy to have a big room which filled with luxury things, sleep in the soft bed with her mother, and no wives was in the house.
Everything was so different from uncle’s house in Ningpo where she had lived unhappily.

After two weeks, other wives came back to the house and Wu Tsing brought fifth wife who was a few years older than An­mei. At