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Someone who does an amazing job of marketing themselves is Jennifer Lopez. In 2011 alone, Jennifer Lopez endorsed brands such as Gucci’s children collection, Fiat 500 car, L’oreal makeup and hair products, Tous Jewelry, Venus razors, her perfume lines, Glow, Deseo, Love and Glamour, and advertised her new collection that’s exclusive for Kohls. Jennifer Lopez has gained more popularity in the past two years. She became the new judge on American Idol in 2010 and released a new album in early 2011.
I think the main challenges in marketing yourself when you’re a celebrity are having your personal life out in the open, constantly being judged, overexposure, and physical endangerment. Having your personal life out in the open is very stressful and can sometimes damage your career. When your life is blasted all over various magazines, it makes it easy for people to start judging you. Jennifer Lopez also went through a scandal in July of 2011. She filed for divorce from her husband, singer Marc Anthony. There were rumors going around that it was because he had an affair with co-star Jada Pinkett Smith. Jennifer Lopez has been able to bounce back from this by being positive, saying the right things, and staying in the limelight. Overexposure can help in damaging your career and the product that you’re endorsing. For example Mariah Carey’s Lollipop fragrances were a big flop mostly because she was starting to become overexposed due to her relationship with Nick Cannon. Physical endangerment may seem like a stretch, but with things like Twitter and Facebook, it makes it easy for people to know where you’re…