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1. Title: Childhood Obesity Prevention – Issues and Controversies
Author: Jenny O’Dea
2. Jenny goes on through out her paper saying that Childhood Obesity is something that the public needs to know about. This isn’t something that can be hidden in the corner for another 40 years, otherwise it will too late to do anything about it. Starting out she mentions schools could take the initiative by recording kids weights and having the data sent to researchers. Getting the parents to work with the school administration (teachers, counslers, principles, etc) to have a better advantage. Using such government programs such as the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) and the US Centre for Disease Statistics. Making some kind of health education or even a school based health promotion and finding ways to motivate inactive adolescents.
3. Professor O'Dea is a nutritionist and health educator with a special interest in child and adolescent health and nutrition. She has a PhD and teaches at the University of Sydney.
a. I agree with everything the author says. I guess it’s from the years I’ve worked in a gym but I feel that the country we live in is very obese. It is very sad when I see people who come in everyday and they have good intentions to workout but it is also the fact that they’re very shy and scared about working out in front of people. Because of this where I am have the knowledge to help them and point them in the right direction, they don’t ask. One thing I have learned is the only way for me to be able to help them in anyway is to befriend them and get them comfortable with me so that I can start to show them a couple different workouts every time them come in.
b. No I don’t believe I would. Even if the author turned out to be a fraud and stole all the information she used to publish this paper, the words are still the truth. There still needs to be something done about the younger generation when it comes to being active and being healthy.
c. Again I have worked as a Gym Manager for over two years now.…