Society Relying Heavily On The Internet And The Effects It Has On Society

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Society Relying Heavily on the Internet and the Effects it has on Society
Jonathon Myhre
ITT Technical Institute

Everyone or at least 99% of the country has a cellular device in their pocket, backpack, purse or somehow attached to them in some way. This allows them to be connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as long as their battery permits them to at least. With this ability to draw upon billions upon billions of websites at any moments notice gives people an aspect that they don’t need to know much. Or to better say, it is making the people in our society stupid. Being able to say “Siri, where is the closest McDonalds” or “Google, how do I tie a tie” it means that people have to remember less, leaving their brains empty not needing to retain the information.
I had given my nephew and my sister the same question. Name the fifty states of the United States. Something simple and something we all learned at one point within school, in fact my nephew just learned this the year before. My nephew was able to recite 45 of the states and their capitals (which I didn’t ask for) and my sister was only able to recite 23 of states. After my sister got stuck, she did as anyone else with a cell phone and goggled the 50 states to see which ones she missed. We as a society are so heavily reliant on technology (the internet mainly) to help us when we fall short of something as easy as “What are the 50 states?” that I don’t think we even realize it. I wonder to myself sometimes how people even remember to talk and use vocal skills that their parents taught them when all day long, all I see is people texting their lives away to their family or friends or to a social media site. People spend more time on “social media” sites rather than actually going out to a public place and being social with out people. I remember I would go to my friend Mike’s house after high school ended everyday because their were always people over there. We would all hangout and play cards, video games, basketball, football, etc. We would go to the mall and walk around for no reason other than to see each other. Never had to worry about updating our statuses about our life because we were living it. Now when I see my friends to have dinner and catch up because I might not of seen them for a month or so, they will spend half of the time on their friend scrolling through their news feed to see what other people are doing. When has it become important to see