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Credible or non-credible. What does it mean to be credible source? To me it means that you know your subject. But beyond that you can back up and support what knowledge you vomit out to others. Anybody can look something up on google or even have first hand knowledge of something. Doesn’t make them an expert or an advisor to that subject. Now lets say you teach Spanish as a second language for 10 years to people who don’t know it. Still doesn’t make you an expert. It is not until you have a degree or diploma certifying that you know the Spanish language inside and out that you are an expert or shall we say a credible source. I tried to use the ITT Virtual Library but it didn’t work for me. I sent a request to the SST at the online branch but haven’t received word back. However I did find some other sites to use. First up is the one I found on NASA’s website.
The title of the article is “The Search for Life in the Universe” by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Again as mentioned above it is from the website and it gives you a feel of adventurism and exploration. I mean could there really but other life forms out there?
I feel this article meets the definition of credible source. You could even use this in a paper for academia if needed. First off it’s by Neil deGrasse Tyson, one of the more notable scientists on the planet Earth. Truly the only more notable scientist is Bill Nye. Second reason is because he’s fricking Neil deGrasse Tyson. Third this was on NASA’s website which is a .gov.
The second article hails from the SETI Institute, which is the place when looking for life outside of Earth. SETI stands for “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” meaning it is looking. For those aliens we keep hearing about. The author of the article is Seth Shostak and the article takes about the MAVEN spacecraft picking up an transmission from unknown origin. I mean that’s pretty cool.
I feel this article is credible because it comes directly from the SETI Institute, where they don’t take anything for granted when it relates to aliens.
The last one is about aliens within the fictional world of Stargate SG1. This is a complete…