Joan Jett Research Paper

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To Carry the Torch “I feel like it’s my job to carry the torch” – Joan Jett. Joan Jett paved a new road for woman to walk upon, no matter who tells you that you can’t do what your heart is set out to do. To be all these things in a world where there isn’t peace between all, it makes a big difference in our world. Not anyone can be considered so selfless to better the planet. Joan Jett does just that by not letting people walk over her when people wanted to do to bring her down. Joan Jett is an influential person in the world by being a feminist supporter, an entrepreneur and an animal rights activist, the original female rocker
If you’re young in the business of music, generally you’ll change and do some of the worst things. Joan Jett though, she wasn’t going to conform to what the record labels wanted at age 15. Having a girl rock band in the 1970’s was uncommon in that time, being proclaimed as a “Man Job,” though that didn’t stop her from making her way in the male dominated industry (Napikoski, Linda). Joan Jett, at age 15, made the road less traveled on open for girl’s to create their own bands. The Runaways made the scene in 1975, becoming the first girl group to go international with their
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Mainly, it is associated with third wave feminism. It started a new revolution for all girls. The Riot Grrrl Movement was a stand for women to be being active in cultural production, creating their own music, and “fanzines” that are based off of existed material during the time. (Fleciano, Stevie) Girls used their power of music to talk about rough subjects such as: rape, incest, and eating disorders. (Fleciano, Stevie) Since these topics are harder to talk about, music let the girls speak freely about what needs to be heard. The Riot Grrrl Movement made such a big impact for those