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Joan was born in 1412 in the small town of Domremy, eastern France, within the barrios religion. Events in France during the younger years of Joan’s life would set the stage for what was to become of Joan in later years. When Joan was young internal wars had broken out between the French royals, making France an easy target for its rival, England. Around the same time in 1424; when Joan was 12, she stated that she was starting to have visions. The visions were described by her as being verbal communication and visual sightings of angels and saints. The visions were proven authentic as other people had seen the same beings at the same time Joan had on occasion. Her most significant vision was of the archangel Michael, one of the patron saints of the French royal army.
This vision set the foundation for what was to come for Joan. 1428 was the year in which Frances situation became critical. The English gathered troops and led them into the Loire River Valley. Joan went to Frances capitol and spoke to officials about how her visions had told her to drive out the English and Burundians. Joan did everything in her power to keep her promise to God that she will not fail him after he sent her the visions; in doing this Joan had military campaigns in Chinon, Orleans, the Loire Valley and Reims.
Joan’s last battle was the one that turned her into a national hero. The battle of Compiegne was the last battle Joan would fight in. The French became unsure of whether to fight given