Joan Of Arc Patron And Behavior Essay

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The Patron and Savior of France -Joan of Arc
“ I fear nothing for god is with me”. - Joan of Arc. This saying represented what kind of a person Joan of Arc was. Her actions were are always followed by the words of god. Joan of Arc is known as the patron of soldiers who greatly played a crucial role in the Hundred Year War and is especially known for the Battle of Orleans. Before Joan became the patron of France she was a mere girl who received a message from St.Michael telling her to follow the voice of god. She was given a to mission meet Robert de Baudricourt which led her to fight in the Hundred Year
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But from there her situation didn’t get any better. Charles still doubted Joan and her visions so he sent her to prison being charged with witchcraft,dressing like a man,and etc. She was held in a military prison instead of a church kind that was guarded with nuns. She kept on being interrogated always kept claimed her innocence. But was later declared guilty and was charged with execution. At the age of nineteen on May twenty-ninth, 1431 she was burned at a stake in the middle of town in front of 10,000 people her ashes were then placed in Seine river. There was one legend that stated that heart was unaffected while the rest of her body burned. After Joan's death, the war lasted for twenty-two years and King Charles who looked into Joan's death/ trial again declared her innocent and made her a martyr. Later in 1920, she was declared and given the position of a patron saint of France. In conclusion, Joan of Arc was a strong willed woman who always followed and trusted the voice of god . Her childhood was filled with mysterious voices in her head that eventually led her to participate in the siege of Orleans to assist King Dauphin. Although she succeeded a tragedy had struck her and was later sent to jail declared as guilty and face execution. Only to be