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Module 2 Assignment Joanna Cross

Assessment is a process of making a judgement or forming an opinion of your students learning. Assessment is used to evaluate what your students have learnt and what they need to learn for future progress and motivation. Its role in society is to inform the students and tutor whether learning is taking place. If not new strategies need to be put into place and lesson plans need to be modified to ensure learning does take place.

Benjamin Franklin said “Tell me and I forget Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

In this assignment I will be critically analysing our assessment method for the health and beauty course for 11 to 16 years olds
This is an after school club for local children in the Bexley borough, which we have just received funding from the charity organisation Children in Need.

The students are local teenagers who want to attend the course. This gives the tutors an advantage as the learners have an interest in the subject that is being taught. The students have varying issues which could provoke learning barriers within the classroom, due to family problems, special needs and other complex teenage issues. Eight lessons have been planned which are open to change at anytime and areas that students have enjoyed can be extended for deeper learning

“First and foremost is to provide a safe and positive learning environment so your students will reach their full potential, otherwise students will become bored and minds will wander”.
(Reece & Walker, p7, 2005)

This is why initial assessment is vital and helps when preparing lessons taking into account student background, learning barriers and any other issues that may arise in the classroom.
Students need real learning goals that they feel they can achieve and the opportunity to learn at their own level without prejudice or discrimination. Within this is a opportunity to tailor make the course to suit the students as individuals, unlike an accredited course where you have to follow strict criteria which can sometimes prove difficult for some students as they are unable to meet these criteria.

“No attention was paid to what went on inside of the box. teaching and learning.”(Jones & Williams,1998).“Assessment for learning”

On the course students will be covering different aspects of health/beauty for 11 to 16 years olds. Educating them in how and why we need to care for our selves and our bodies, also why presenting your self in a positive manner is good for your confidence and self esteem. By doing so we are giving the students the underpinning knowledge for progression into further education or employment within the health and beauty industry in the future. Whilst making the lessons as interesting and fun as possible.

RARPA (Recognising and Recording progression and achievement).This will play a huge part in our assessment, which involves group and individual work, also a starting point for the learners (initial/diagnostic assessment).
For formative and summative assessment tasks and activities are set. This will meet learner’s individual goals and achievement for future learning on the course.

Initial assessment through talking and discussion starts in the first lesson. I like to use (The buddy system) pairing up students, encouraging open questions between the students to gain knowledge of each others personal background and underpinning knowledge of the subject area they are studying. Questions were discussed as a group and ideas were put forward from the students and the tutors. Each student would introduce their buddy to the rest of the class. This is back up by a memory game to ascertain who was listening, which includes the tutors. This helps students engage with each other, developing relationship and opening the doors of communication with their peers and also encourages listening skills.

Another technique used for initial assessment was a