Joanne Oppenheim's Dear Miss Breed

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Conflict is caused by two different needs of two different people. All people have unique instinctive resolutions in these situations. For example, one common way of attempting to solve a disagreement is by accommodating. For some people, accommodation is the easiest way to deal with their issues. However, this may not be the best way to react, as it does not allow both parties to walk away contently. In my opinion, people can respond to conflict most effectively by compromising. In primary sources from prominent historical events such as the holocaust, we frequently see people with conflicting situations, and reacting with differing styles of resolving issues. For example, in the Diary of Anne Frank, a first hand account written by a little girl …show more content…
In this book written in 1834, (also during World War Two) when the Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps all around America. In the true story, Joanne talks about how she had to adjust to her surroundings, and it worked out for her. She was able to remain positive knowing that she could compromise. She made the best out of her situation by adjusting to other people’s needs, while still meeting her own and making sure that she was happy. This shows that when you are able to compromise, or adjust in difficult situations, not only does it preserve family relationships, like in Anne’s diary, but it also makes it easier for both parties to walk away satisfied with the final results. In conclusion, the best way to respond to conflict is to be understanding of the needs of others, and meet in the middle. Research shows that compromise preserves relationships, and allows people to keep optimistic even when not receiving all that they originally intended. As you can see, the majority of the time, it is best to give a little to get a