Joaquin Murrieta Myths

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To research and read about the stories of Joaquin Murrieta, you have to start from the beginning to understand the true nature of this man and what drove and motivated him. In many books and articles written about Joaquin Murrieta, the question is often asked, “Was Joaquin Murrieta a real person?” This is a story about a man whose hand was forced to live a life of a bandit seeking revenge and justice for the tragedies and crimes committed to him and his family.
Murrieta was born in Sonora, Mexico. Raised by respectable parents, he was an educated young man, well respected, and liked. There are many books describing how charming and humble young Murrieta carried himself, however in the book, Foreigners in Their Native Land, the author
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If the story is not real and it is a myth about the heroic bandit who fought back against the Anglos to avenge his wife and family and bring justice to the Mexican people of Alta California. There were still many Mexican bandits who stood for what was right and fought back. Such men like Tiburcio Vasquez, who was also forced to take up a life of crime to make right which was wrong. Men like this represented justice and it took real men of honor to give the Mexican people a hero to stand up for them. Murrieta was a symbol of righteousness that represented the cry against …show more content…
This adventurous young man came to California in that to find a better life and live in peace. True or not, the story of Jouquin Murrieta lives on to the fact that his legend gives Mexican people hope making the wrong, right for all the crimes committed to the Mexican people by the hands of the Anglo