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Robin Micheli
ASO 100
Professor Wies
December 3rd, 2014 A rehabilitation counselor is one of the top jobs I have been thinking about for my future career. I have been planning on being a counselor in a Veteran’s Administration since I declared my major of social work. The tasks listed for this job include maintaining case files, develop plans, maintaining relationships with clients, analyze information, arrange evaluations, monitor and record progress in clients, confer with professionals and make plans for clients, and locate barriers for client employment. These are all tasks I was expecting for this career choice and they seem like tasks I would enjoy doing. Although some sound time consuming and difficult, I would be willing to do them to help the clients. My favorite tasks would be maintaining relationships with clients, record progress, and develop plans. The tasks I would not enjoy as much would include analyze information and filing. Filing is never a fun task, but necessary to lots of jobs.
The “Interests” section included social and investigative interests. I love interaction with other people and some would say I am a “social butterfly”. I enjoy communicating with people and learning about them so this is a good fit for me. Being investigative is another interest that suits me. I have always been a problem solver and over­thinker, so I would succeed in this part of the job.

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The values you must hold in this career choice include relationships, achievement and support, all of which I consider myself to have. I am loyal to the relationships in life. I also am very motivated to be the best person I can be all around such as in school, my sport, and my social life, therefore achievement is something I value a lot. Support is a value of mine because I have always supported people in their decisions that are beneficial to their lives, and if they make bad decisions I will be there to support them when things fail.
This job seems promising because, according to the Occupation Outlook Handbook, employment for rehabilitation counselors is expected to grow 20 percent by 2022. Also, as the elderly population grows, the need for this job will increase as well. Lastly, the handbook states that there will be a continued need for rehabilitation for counselors for veterans disabled in service. This is promising because this is the specific population I wish to work with and if it is a continuing need then it will be an available job for me. There were no problematic factors that I read. The 10% percentile was $25,100. This is a very low salary, which is the downside to this position. It would be hard to live off of if that was my only source of income so I may have to find another source of income. I would still be willing to do this in hopes of moving and getting a raise. I would also hope that I would be on of the 90% that makes more. The salary I can expect after considerable experience is $36,300. This is a lot more manageable than the first salary. I could live off of this, but not glamorously and that is okay with me. I would also hope to continue to move up into the higher salary range. The percent change in job openings is 15­21% growth. The estimated number of job openings per year is 48,400. This is a positive change in job openings which will be beneficial to me and makes me feel more certain about this option.

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Most employers do require a masters degree. They do hire people with Bachelor’s degrees, but typically those people will be limited in helping people and cannot provide as much as someone with a masters degree can. Licensure requires 2,000 to 4,000 hours of supervised clinical experience. In addition, counselors must pass a state­recognized exam and complete yearly continuing education credits. There is no special training program needed to qualify.
The next occupation I researched was Child, Family, and School social…