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Job analysis is defined “as collecting data about the job performed in an organization” (Anthony, 2010). In ensuring that employee selection process is effective and secure it is vital that an organization consider job analysis. Job analysis is important in any organization because it aids in the understanding of job description and job specification which support hiring right qualified individual. The development of job analysis is a good opportunity that requires a thorough criticism of a job. The trend is to make comparison of the job description and individual specification and to rearrange in making substantial changes (Anthony 2010). I would absolutely agree that job analysis is important being that “effectively developed, employee job descriptions are communication tools that are significant in an organization's success” (Articlebase, 2013). In my current employment one real world approach we have incorporated in attracting, selecting and retaining quality talent is internal recruitment. Our objective is an effort to generate employee devotion and loyalty as well as extensive job satisfaction. It is also a succession organization strategy. In using such strategy we are saving time and also building a level of trust and appreciate to our workforce in giving first preference; the internal recruitment strategy is less expensive than an external progression. There is also a relationship already established with candidates; are well-known to the organization and hence alignment and positioning requirements are easily accessible. The disadvantage of