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Job Analysis Report
Collection Techniques and Evaluation
This job analysis was conducted as a group project for the Management 478 (Human Resources) class. There were 4 group members, and my role in the project involved 1) interviewing an administrative coordinator, Mrs. Pam Meyer, at Louisiana Tech, and 2) compiling the information into a report.
We used three primary methods of collecting information. We developed a questionnaire which was completed by Mrs. Meyer, a face to face interview which was recorded, and Mrs. Meyer also prepared a list of all her duties categorized by the frequency at which they needed to be accomplished. After compiling information from the interview, questionnaire, and self-report, we compared this information to descriptions listed on ONET and a job description submitted by Kassi Speaks, a former administrative coordinator. We used all of the above information to generate a Job Analysis report and scheduled a follow up interview to cover any additional details that needed to be added. After changes were made, all information was reviewed and approved by Mrs. Meyer and her supervisor.
We determined that observation would not be an effective method of gathering information on the administrative coordinator position since a large portion of the work varied depending on the time of year or quarter.
Overall, we feel the techniques we chose were the best options and had little difficulty in attaining the information required. The most difficult part was determining what some of the tasks included when they involved responsibilities which we were unfamiliar with. This was easily overcome by asking Mrs. Meyer for further clarification.
Having some experience in the field would have helped us perform the job analysis more effectively and efficiently, even if we were exposed to the job for only a few months. Because much of the job involved tasks that were not easily observable, being trained on the job would expose us to job elements that are not easily seen. These elements could be more effectively explained. We also would have been able to more efficiently perform the job analysis because we could have spent less time asking about the more obvious parts of the job and more time covering other elements.
From a strategic organizational perspective, it is difficult to imagine that this job could be consolidated into another position. As it currently stands, this position is responsible for the largest number of students, and the majority of her responsibilities revolve around student-related tasks. However, we feel that one person is capable of handling this job’s responsibility. Should the Accounting and CIS department expand, consideration should be given to splitting the Accounting and CIS departments or hiring an assistant to help alleviate some of the administrative coordinator’s responsibilities.
Job Analysis Report

Job Title: Administrative Coordinator III
Job Description Student-Related Duties
Student-related duties are the bulk of the responsibility for this position. All duties listed below are a regular part of the job and are performed at various periods throughout the quarter.
Collect and maintain student records for all Accounting and CIS Majors using Excel spreadsheets.
Evaluate transcripts for incoming students.
Evaluate transfer student courses from other universities.
Perform, sign off on, and maintain logs for all major changes into or out of Accounting or CIS.
Prepare new student files – includes new admits, transfers, and major changes.
Assign faculty academic advisors.
Evaluate and advise new students and schedule courses for upcoming quarter.
Problem-solve issues related to student advising. This may include conflicting course schedules, ensuring pre-requisites have been met, and evaluating transfer credits.
Prepare student advising folders for faculty.
Prepare aggregate hours forms for Financial Aid.
Prepare compliance reports for NCAA student athletes.