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Your job has a greater effect on an overall happiness than your social life does It would be perfect, if everybody felt happy all the time. However, it still has some factors that affect to our pleasant. A job may be have the most impact on some people's happiness, while social life may be have the most influence on others. Personally, I believe that my social life has more influence on my overall happiness because I am able to find new job but there is only one right person to spend the rest of my life with. Although a job has an effect on my feeling, my family has much more impact on my emotion. By this I mean, I believe that I can find a new job but i could not find a new family. For instance, my friend's cousin had worked in the United States for four years. As a manager, she had many responsibilities so she rarely backed to her country. Even though her family convinced her and asked her to come back, she was too busy to do so. She worked all day and night so she contacted her family only once a month through Skype. Unfortunately, one day she got an unexpected pieces of news that her father was ill. She was very shocked and desired to look after. After she heard about her father, she could not focus on her job. Her performance was not perfect. As the result, she decided to quit her job and go back to her country in order to take care of her family closely. Moreover, I also believe that getting married can make me happier than getting a job. To speak from my experience, my cousin is a lucky man because he got a new